Monday, January 13, 2014

5 cool new products we love!

Our buyers are always on the look out for great new items to add to our selection, and as a result we get in dozens of new products every month! Here are some recent highlights! Have suggestions on items you'd like to see on our shelves? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at info at perelandranatural dot com.

Punk Rawk Labs Nacho Cheese

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Punk Rawk Lab's Vegan Nacho Nutmilk Cheese will truly blow your mind. Vegans and non-vegans alike love this tangy, creamy spread because it's fermented like real cheese and retains that savory, umami taste. This is the newest addition to their selection of nutmilk cheeses, and with just a little bit of heat from jalapenos it will help you make the best nachos you've ever had! Of course, it is very creamy and spreadable and goes great on crackers or on bread for a spicy grilled cheese, too. And, because it's made from cashews, it's free of cholesterol and saturated fats! You can't say that about regular nacho cheese!

Steaz Organic Iced Green Tea with Coconut Water

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While it's not really the best time of the year for iced beverages, what with the "polar vortex" and all, Steaz had the brilliant idea to combine two of our favorite beverages - organic green tea and coconut water! Coconut water is rich in hydrating magnesium and potassium, and it's natural sweetness and mild coconut flavor is a match made in heaven with anti-oxidant rich green tea. It's super refreshing and is a great post-workout beverage. It's delicious warmed up, too!

Yossi's Vegan Cake

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 Yossi's Vegan Cakes are made locally in New York City by hand and come in amazing flavors like organic chocolate chip, coconut chocolate chip, banana walnut and pumpkin spice. They're moist, delicious and just the right amount of cake when you want a little something sweet. They're made with organic ingredients, and like the name says, they're free of animal products, too!

The Vegg Vegan Egg Substitute

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 This is one of the most interesting products we've ever seen here at Perelandra, and we've seen a lot of them over the years! The Vegg is a simple blend of fortified nutritional yeast, sodium alginate (a seaweed derived thickener) and black salt. The black salt gives it an authentic eggy flavor that will give you the eggy taste you crave with none of the cholesterol. Our supplement buyer, Meredith, and long time vegan says: "It tasted so incredibly authentic that it was frightening! I poured it over a tofu scramble and my husband thought I was making real eggs!" If you like eggs but don't want to eat them regularly for health or ethical reasons, give The Vegg a try. It's really neat!

Deep Steep Dry Oil Body Spray

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This is the remedy you've been looking for to repair your winter parched skin! This dry oil spray is made of pure plant oils, like coconut, pomegranate and apricot kernel oils, but magically absorbs into your skin without leaving an oily film. You can get dressed immediately after you apply it with no worry of the oil staining, unlike traditional body oils. They come in great scents (made from natural sources- no artificial fragrances here) like lavender chamomile, honeydew spearmint, bergamot grapefruit and rosemary mint.

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