Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Very Special Turkey for your Thanksgiving Table!

Certified Organic, Free-Range, Locally Pasture-Raised Turkeys from Hidden Camp Farm

What's so different about this year's turkeys?
We have always offered free-range, certified organic turkey at Perelandra for Thanksgiving, so what's so special about our turkeys this year? Well.....everything! 

Our Own Flock
This year, we purchased our own flock of young turkeys early in the summer of 2013, and placed them in the care of the King family at Hidden Camp Farm.  This not only allows us control of the quality, quantity, and size of turkeys available to our customers, it also allows for the highest level of transparency between farm, grocer, and customer!

Locally & Ethically Raised
Our flock is being raised in Canajoharie, NY, just 205 miles north of our store on a family farm we know and trust.  Our birds are fed only certified organic feed and fresh water, and allowed plenty of time outdoors to exercise and forage in the pasture. 
Supports Sustainability 
By working directly with a small farm, we cut down the use of fossil fuels to ship the turkey to a distribution center, the energy used to store them there, and the packaging products used in shipping them.   
Placing an Order
To reserve one of these special birds, we require a deposit of $30 per turkey from 8-15 lbs., and $60 for each bird 16 lbs. and over.  We are offering turkeys which range in size from around 8 lbs. to over 25 lbs. We do our best to get everyone their exact size preferences, but can't guarantee exact weights.  
In Person: Just stop by our Vitamin counter anytime until November 20th, and let them know you'd like to order a turkey.  They'll set you up with an order form, and you can settle up at our newly renovated checkout. 
By Phone: Give a call at 718-855-6068. Deposit taken by credit card.  
 Online: Point  your browser at www.perelandranatural.com.  Click the shop tab and you will be directed to our online shopping portal. At the top of the page, there's a turkey deposit tab. Click the tab, add the appropriate size range deposit to your cart, and checkout. It's that easy! Don't forget, we can deliver your turkey anywhere in Brooklyn for just $5.99 if purchased online!
Our Certified Organic, Locally Pasture-Raised Turkeys are $4.99 per pound, and will arrive on Thursday Nov. 21st. After turkeys arrive, whatever birds have not been reserved will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.   We have a limited number of these amazing turkeys, and highly recommend reserving one!
Our young turkeys at Pasture in late July 2013!

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