Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Beerdmaster Review: The First Installment

Welcome to the first installment of Beerdmaster! Beerdmaster is a Perelandra blog series exploring, appreciating, and celebrating beer, beards, and man culture. You'll find reviews of everything from natural care products and organic beer to herbal-healing wizardry - all available at Perelandra Natural Foods!

Great Divide Brewing Co. Collette Farmhouse Ale, 7.3%

Is there a better summer beer than Great Divide's Colette Ale? I think not. My beerd was extremely satisfied as soon as the first drop filtered through my whiskers and graced the tip of my tongue. As a favorite among many of Perelandra's beerdmasters, this ale is dressed to impress. Great Divide claims this ale is a celebration of and tribute to  Belgium farmers. One beer deep I could already sense the big porch, the golden fields, the soft nods and "yeah, man's" escaping from the tired, sky-gazing beards in their rocking chairs. Great Divide, located in Denver, definitely brings that southern comfort with the Colette Farmhouse Ale. Roland, Perelandra Co-Owner and fellow beardsman, says "Great Divide's attempt to re-create the saison that was brewed in Belgian Farmhouses in days gone by is, in my opinion, a great success. True to its roots it has the fruity, spicy, yeasty (in that order) flavor of a Belgian Ale, with a dry almost wine-like finish." And let's face it. Summer is almost over and let's enjoy the weather while we can. Tis the season to be thirsty, as the heat rises. This beer isn't too heavy and can be consumed in large quantities (go ahead and get the full six pack - you won't regret it even the morning after). Although Roland warns us, "Colette may have a feminine name, but this strong ale packs a punch at 7.3% ABV!" Impress your friends at a BBQ (veg friendly, of course), drink it under the sun at a picnic, or party in the halls of your own kingdom. You can't go wrong with this one.

Juniper Ridge - Douglas Fir Incense

Can't go on that camping trip you wanted to this summer? Want to transport your mind to the lush forests of the northwest? Are you a Twin Peaks fan? Meet Juniper Ridge - a small company hailing from Oakland, California that specializes in natural, wild-crafted fragrances. I was immediately impressed with their aesthetic. This company is...just awesome. I live in a room with no windows (this beerdmaster's kingdom is literally a dim cave). I desperately search for and excessively use anything that simulates nature from playing swamp sounds from my phone to using this incense. I am particularly a fan of Juniper Ridge's Douglas Fir incense, but they have several scents to choose from. The scent makes me feel like I'm camping out in the wilderness of the west with a dense fog slowly hovering in the treetops.The scent gives a feeling of nostalgia and I can almost hear Agent Cooper's FBI car pass by on a distant dirt road when the Douglas Fir is in full force.  It definitely helps fill the "nature void" I sometimes feel here in the city. I highly recommend this product for anyone who can't get out of the city and seeks to satisfy their urge for the smell of campfires and tall trees. Or anyone who can appreciate a unique, high quality incense.

MJ's Herbals - First Aid Salve

Any beerdmaster or lady viking alike can't exactly predict what their adventurous, harsh, potentially dangerous life might bring. Whether you're out on an expedition, or in your castle this small salve is real handy.  MJ's Herbals uses a mix of "potent and powerful" herbs (all organic) to create an all purpose first aid salve. Some ingredients include comfrey, calendula, oregon grape root, tea tree oil, and real vitamin E which give the salve antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In addition, according to their website, the salve can promote quick healing for all kinds of issues such as scrapes, cuts (not deep ones), burns, scars, rashes, blemishes, and even cracked lips. As people of the land, we appreciate what comes from the land and there are no parabens, petroleum, or chemicals - it's all natural and all good. The salve itself comes in a little 1 oz. jar but a little goes a long way. You get a lot of skin coverage with just a small dab from your finger. MJ also gets a big high five for being native to Brooklyn. MJ's First Aid Salve is essential to anyone's healing potion cellar.

Beerdmaster reviews are written and illustrated by Perelandra's own beerdmaster, Jacob Hamrick. 

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