Sunday, July 14, 2013

Real men use facial tonics: Jacob's guide to the best in natural men's skin care

In the past several years, many different companies have come out with men's skin care lines, and many existing companies have extended their skin care lines to include men's products. What's with the seemingly new cosmetic considerations? Says the New York Times: "The reason, beauty analysts say, is a changing attitude among men, who now associate healthy-looking skin less with vanity than with professionalism." That makes sense- everyone wants to look their best! And what could be better than looking your best using natural & organic skin care products that are better for your body AND the planet?

 Jacob has been working in Perelandra's supplement and body care department since last October, and in that time you can bet he's become an expert on all things supplement and skin related. He recently agreed to share some insights on his favorite shaving and skin care products.

John Masters Organics Men's Eucalytpus & Agave 2-in-1 Face Wash and Shave Foam

As a facial hair connoisseur and bearding fan there's nothing that I appreciate more than great facial care. I'm a simple man and anything that's multipurpose means less space, more efficiency and more business. If you ask me, the John Master's 2 in 1 Face Wash and Shaving Foam is actually 3 in 1. I first used this product as a beard wash prior to using it as a shaving foam or face wash. For my fellow beard fans out there eucalyptus, one of the main ingredients in this formula, supports hair growth and kills bacteria - which is good especially for those dense beards that may accumulate dirt throughout the day. As a shaving foam it's lighter than your traditional creams or gels and I find myself having to use it pretty liberally when I shave. However, it's one of the most refreshing shaving products I've used and I appreciate its simplicity. Agave, another ingredient found in this formula, can provide acne relief and has been known to have some anti-aging properties as well. Beard or no beard the John Master's 2 in 1 delivers it all! (Editors note: My husband uses this, and I steal it from him to wash my face because it feels so nice! - Allison)

Tierra Mia Shaving Soap For Men

If the John Master's 2 in 1 is out of your budget, I would recommend Tierra Mia's Shaving Soap For Men. This is a relatively new product in the store and I couldn't wait to try it out. This is a raw, organic goat milk based soap that is a great option for men who have sensitive skin or are usually prone to shaving bumps. Raw goat milk is moisturizing, removes dead skin cells, repairs damaged cells, and, as a natural source of selenium, might protect the skin from further damage. You might be wondering how a bar soap magically transforms into something used for shaving. It might seem like a primitive approach but I found that with a little bit of warm water and some lathering you're set for a great shave! In fact, I think that Tierra Mia's Shaving Soap provides a thicker consistency than the John Master's 2 in 1 but does require more lathering time - which might be worth it for men with thicker stubble. Those who are willing to venture out and try Tierra Mia's Shaving Soap will be rewarded immensely. It will leave your skin feeling healthy and just might change your shaving experience!

Evan Healy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosol

And let's be honest: between the city pollution and summer festivities we could use some extra support. While some men might be hesitant or resistant to the concept of toners and hydrosols, I highly recommend Evan Healy's Rose Geranium Facial Tonic. Here's why: hydrosols, in addition to being great antioxdants, are unique in that during the distillation process they capture all of the plant's essence- meaning that the plant doesn't lose the water that it carried. This allows for optimal skin hydration. Since our bodies are mostly water you can imagine how much easier a hydrosol would be absorbed into the skin than, for example, an oil or cream. This particular artisan facial tonic from Evan Healy is made specifically for combination skin (oily and dry) and according to Healy's website "relaxes facial muscles, promotes cell repair, maintains soft and smooth skin and significantly increases hydration." Summer doesn't strictly call for sun protection. We need to stay hydrated too! Don't be afraid of the pink and brown packaging or word "rose." The scent is mild, not particularly feminine, and it's easy to use. Just a couple of sprays and you're good to go!

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