Saturday, June 11, 2011

New and Noteworthy - June!

Lucini Chickpea Fritatta Mix - Rosemary and Fieri Chili
--These awesome mixes couldn't be simpler in their ingredients OR preparation! Made from chickpea flour and seasonings, just add water and put it in the oven to create a delicious, protein and fiber rich meal. You can add chopped vegetables, fresh herbs or whatever else strikes your fancy to switch it up a little!
Rapunzel Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
--You asked for it, and we listened! After several of our customers expressed interest in finding an organic, natural version of Nutella, we decided to bring in this delicious chocolate hazelnut butter. It tastes just like nutella but you can feel better about eating it with its great ingredient list!
Biotta Elderberry Juice
--Biotta is known for their unusual juice selection (Sauerkraut juice!) and is debuting pure Elderberry juice. Elderberry has traditionally been valued for it's delicious taste and for promoting a healthy immune system.
Brooklyn Brine Sauerkraut
--Brooklyn Brine has done it again with their awesome sauerkraut. Made by hand locally in Brooklyn and aged in whiskey barrels, this is the best sauerkraut we've ever tried! Try some now! It will change your Reubens forever....
Cucina Antica Organic Ketchup and Salad Dressings
--I know, I know, more salad dressing, you say? BUT Cucina Antica's new salad dressings (low fat italiano, balsamic, red wine vinagrette and caesar) are made with organic ingredients and really do taste great- give them a try, they are delicious. We especially like the low fat italiano!
Annie's Spirals with Butter and Parmesan
--Annie's has taken the work out of feeding toddlers with this new boxed macaroni and cheese- I know all I wanted to eat when I was a kid was noodles with butter and parmesan-and now it's even easier!
Yossi's Vegan Cake
--Made by hand in Brooklyn, these delicious vegan cake slices will blow your mind with their moist, delicious flavors. Look for chocolate orange, lemon poppyseed, banana walnut date, chocolate hazelnut and carrot raisin.
Eli's Earth Bars
--Made with organic and fair trade ingredients, these bars (Dream Big Bar, Earth Bar, and Treasure Bar) are the organic, natural answer for the Twix, Snickers and Almond Joy lover among us. They are delicious and actually taste like their mainstream counterparts!
Greenshield Organic Laundry Detergent
--This is the first natural laundry detergent we've come across that is made with organic ingredients as well- available in unscented and lavender.
Braggs Nutritional Yeast Seasoning
--Vitamin enriched nutritional yeast in a convenient shaker bottle! Now you can shake nutritional yeast on your popcorn to your hearts content!

COMING NEXT WEEK! Cayuga Pure Organics locally grown whole grains and Farmer Ground locally grown & produced Organic Pancake Mixes! Yay!

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